Monday, October 26, 2009

Jenna Leigh is the Lovely New Girl on the Block

As a girl with a lot up top, I can say that there are lots of reasons to embrace a bigger chest. Today, I will do nothing of the sort, because this post concerns girls A - D: my new archenemies. You want an explanation for my hostility, you say? You ladies have all the luck, as evidenced by our newest arrival: sumptuous offerings from Jenna Leigh.

While I love everything at A La Folie, there have been a few shining stars that have caught my eye. These bras are works of art, truly lovely specimens that turn people like me green with envy.

Jenna Leigh's Elle Balconnet and Hipster

Take, for example, the Elle balconnet. Truly well-constructed longline bras really only come by once in a blue moon and this specimen fits the bill. It's built in sturdy satin and powermesh with a lovely chiffon trim. The band is fully boned and the bra operates as either a regular balconnet, criss-cross or strapless. The Elle collection also features a hipster brief that is to die for!

Jenna Leigh's Notting Hill Camisole and Thong

In the mood for something a little less structured? Jenna Leigh's Notting Hill line is the perfect combination of sassiness and comfort. Each piece in the line (including a bralette, camisole, thong and boyshort) is made from an impossibly soft modal/milk cotton rib knit, with a lovely flourish of ashy purple lace. The Notting Hill collection makes a perfect gift for that special someone, or just a special treat for yourself.

Jenna Leigh's pieces are a must-see, and when matched with a sexy pair of Cervin stockings... the sensual possibilities are endless!

Spanx You Very Much

I am a curvy girl. If there is one certainty in my life, it is the fact that I have hips. And given the comments I get on the street from frighteningly astute drifters, I assume that just about everyone I encounter knows it too. I not only have hips, but I have a derriere. And not a small derriere either. My bottom is so prominent that I have trouble fitting into jeans fabricated for "normal" women, and have a few tried and true brands I've pledged my undying devotion to. Jeans can be difficult, but dresses can be even worse. Nothing drives a dagger through my heart more than putting on a sheath dress only to discover that my thunder thighs are the main attraction.

I'm lucky. I actually like my shape, but sometimes it needs help. I'm fallible. I don't go to the gym enough and I like wine and chocolate more than is normal or reasonable. Hence, I'm curvy, but I'm not firm. I "move" when I walk. I will embarrass myself no further by describing the scope of this "movement", but suffice it to say my body can not be trusted to make some things look good.

That's where Spanx comes in. Laugh at the name if you will, but Spanx has become the holy grail of smoothness that every woman has been searching for. Go ahead and grab that extra doughnut... Spanx products are the workout you wanted to do this morning, and they do a great job of masking any imperfections! And don't think Spanx are only for girls with a little more around the middle, the back or the rack... even itsy bitsy Hollywood starlets swear by them!

Katie Holmes

Eva Longoria

See? Even LA's most poised and perfect wear Spanx, and with the holidays approaching, there's no better time to join the ranks of devoted Spanx fans! We have a variety of offerings from Midthigh Bodysuits ($72 in beige and black) to Midthigh Shape Suits ($98 in beige and black) and gently shaping Criss Cross Camis ($45 in beige and black).

Spanx' Criss Cross Cami and Mid-Thigh Shape Suit

Even more exciting, we received Spanx' Convertible Leggings, which are gently bodyshaping and fully opaque, the icing on the cake for your fall wardrobe. The Leggings are $28 and come in black, violet, charcoal and bittersweet.

Spanx' Convertible Leggings

Shaping, comfort, AND fashion-forward style? Spanx you very much!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

PJ Harlow is Here!

Even though I have one of the most preposterous lingerie collections in the San Francisco Bay Area I will admit that when I'm lazing around at home, sometimes (OK, most of the time) I prefer a good pair of cozy pajama pants to a lacy chemise. I'm a sucker for comfort. My husband just last year made me throw out a pair of pajama pants I got from Victoria's Secret in 7th grade. (I'm now 26. You do the math.) I relented. He insisted. "They're gross!" he said. "They're comfortable!" I said. I finally gave in, mostly due to the horrified look he mustered whenever I put them on. Having my favorite person in the world glare at me in disgust is generally a deal breaker. I threw the pants in the trash, and have finally, a year later, moved on. Despite the constant desire to dress as sexy as possible, we all have those evenings where it's extra nice to bundle up in some ultra soft PJs instead of our lacy intimates, and until now it's been a struggle to find brands that bridge the gap between cozy and sexy when it comes to loungewear.

That's where PJ Harlow comes in. Before you even see their collections, their name suggests the perfect bridge of comfort (PJ -- pajamas) and sensuality (Harlow -- reminiscent of movie icon Jean Harlow).

PJ Harlow's Josie Robe

Their loungewear is undeniably comfortable, sweet and sassy. From mid-length (hooded!) robes to long satin pajama pants, PJ Harlow has it all. Each piece is durable and built to last, yet made of luxurious satin and extra soft knit. Never again will you have to give up comfort for beauty or beauty for comfort. Now you can have both! And there's one more adjective to add to the mix: easy. PJ Harlow's loungewear is entirely machine washable. Their prices are fantastic too, with the Josie Hooded Robe at $92, the Mike Satin Boxer Shorts at $51, the Jolie Satin Pants at $74 and the Charlie Racerback Tank at $46.

PJ Harlow's Mike Satin Boxer Short & Jolie Satin Pant

Swing by to check out the new collection, which just arrived in pink and teal. Their loungewear pieces will be arriving in black in early November.

Following Flint

We know how much you love Flint. How could you not? Irena Kudlicki's jewelry is head-turning to say the least. Her lovely offerings span a wide range of lengths, styles and materials, and she always has new and exciting pieces for us. We feel honored to carry Flint jewelry at A La Folie, and we're delighted that Irena has grown so popular, both with our customers and with celebrities alike!

If you consider yourself a Flint fangirl (or fanboy), there is no better blog to add to your RSS than Irena's Flint Jewelry Blog! It's the best way to keep yourself updated on what Irena's been up to, and will give you a rare glimpse into the mind of one very prolific and very talented jewelry designer!

PS: New pieces arrived today, featuring vintage brooches, crystals, pearls and delicately knotted cords. You're in for a treat!

A little sneak peek of Flint's new offerings!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Secrets of Cervin

There is nothing quite like a good secret, like, for example, how in elementary school my sweetly nerdy good friend told me she was in love with my football playing neighbor. Scandal! Or how my husband's rough-and-tough college pal used to wear a lavender-scented eye mask and listen to Enya when he was stressed out. Or, juiciest of all, how a certain A La Folie owner (we're not stooping to naming names here, people) wears her pink bathrobe upstairs in the store when no one's around. It's understandable that there are some secrets that are meant to be kept, well, secret. After all, my friend and my neighbor never would never have worked out anyway, and my husband's pal was trying to win the ladies (not an easy thing to do when you're a confessed male fan of Enya).

Being the secret hoarder that I am, I was VERY excited to discover that a big beautiful box of Cervin hosiery was waiting for me when I arrived at A La Folie this morning. Cervin is in the business of secrets. Their stockings are expertly fashioned and provide an uncompromising fit... and a few other little bells and whistles that any A La Folie girl can appreciate. The Lido, for example, and for all intents and purposes, is a very regular pair of tights, except for the sexy 'v' of lace on the back at the waistband, a detail that screams "vamp"!

Cervin's Lido

My personal favorite is the Pigalle, a pair of tights with integrated garters. Paired with a pencil skirt and button down, your sensuality will be your secret!

Cervin's Pigalle

Want something a little more day-to-day? We have a variety of stockings, fishnets, tights and leggings to suit your fancy, with many more to come. And with prices ranging from $35 to $50, French stockings are as affordable as ever!

Blossom, is that you?! Cervin's Leggings

Consider Cervin a brand of secrets, but these are ones that won't embarrass, humiliate or heart-break. Instead, they'll stay whispered, veiled, and revealed only when the time is right! (And speaking of secrets, pink bathrobes are nothing to be ashamed of, Mama Bear!)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Don't be Ashamed to be Plain (A Love Letter to Hanro)

Dear Hanro,

We love you, Hanro!

I would like to be the first to formally welcome you to your new home at A La Folie. I know it took a really long time to get you here, but now you're making yourself quite at home, and I really couldn't be happier. The girls at A La Folie have been anticipating your arrival for awhile, and our customers have been asking about you for years. YES, years!! No one has ever been that patient for my arrival... you should be proud! Look at the stir you create!

I know that, at first, the store may seem a little intimidating to you. In every nook we have lace, frills and bright colors, but we don't want you to feel out of your element. Things at A La Folie are always fun, sumptuous and beautiful, but being the new plain girl in town is really nothing to be ashamed about! Plain is an asset, and let me tell you: our customers relish having pima cotton bras they can wear everyday. Not every designer excels at plain, and that's why Hanro is so special to us. You fill a void in our store, and a void in our hearts!

Our customers will be delighted to know that your first shipment includes bras that are supportive and un-wired and no-fuss bikinis and thongs that are soft and long-lasting. We're also very excited that you offer something for everyone, with chemises, camisoles, wired bras and underthings galore to suit just about any taste, all of which can be seen on your website. You're about as far from run-of-the-mill as you can get, and we're proud to have you has part of the A La Folie family!

Poupee Russe

A Prima Donna & Marie Jo Fitting Event!

Are you one of the 85% of women who wear the wrong bra size?
Don't be just another statistic!

Join us on Saturday, October 17th from 11am - 6pm for A La Folie's bra fitting event, featuring new collections from Prima Donna and Marie Jo. These new bras possess fit, construction and style that are often imitated, never duplicated, no matter what your size! Sip champagne & nibble on delicious sweets as our expertly trained staff matches you to the bra of your dreams. Best of all, enjoy discounts on all merchandise, including ordered items!

Treat Yourself!
  • 10% off all merchandise!
  • Hard-to-find sizes (32A - 44H)!
  • Fall sample collections available for viewing and special order!
  • Consult with our Prima Donna & Marie Jo rep, Anna Ortiz!
  • Guaranteed delivery on special orders within 15 days!
See you then!