Thursday, October 15, 2009

PJ Harlow is Here!

Even though I have one of the most preposterous lingerie collections in the San Francisco Bay Area I will admit that when I'm lazing around at home, sometimes (OK, most of the time) I prefer a good pair of cozy pajama pants to a lacy chemise. I'm a sucker for comfort. My husband just last year made me throw out a pair of pajama pants I got from Victoria's Secret in 7th grade. (I'm now 26. You do the math.) I relented. He insisted. "They're gross!" he said. "They're comfortable!" I said. I finally gave in, mostly due to the horrified look he mustered whenever I put them on. Having my favorite person in the world glare at me in disgust is generally a deal breaker. I threw the pants in the trash, and have finally, a year later, moved on. Despite the constant desire to dress as sexy as possible, we all have those evenings where it's extra nice to bundle up in some ultra soft PJs instead of our lacy intimates, and until now it's been a struggle to find brands that bridge the gap between cozy and sexy when it comes to loungewear.

That's where PJ Harlow comes in. Before you even see their collections, their name suggests the perfect bridge of comfort (PJ -- pajamas) and sensuality (Harlow -- reminiscent of movie icon Jean Harlow).

PJ Harlow's Josie Robe

Their loungewear is undeniably comfortable, sweet and sassy. From mid-length (hooded!) robes to long satin pajama pants, PJ Harlow has it all. Each piece is durable and built to last, yet made of luxurious satin and extra soft knit. Never again will you have to give up comfort for beauty or beauty for comfort. Now you can have both! And there's one more adjective to add to the mix: easy. PJ Harlow's loungewear is entirely machine washable. Their prices are fantastic too, with the Josie Hooded Robe at $92, the Mike Satin Boxer Shorts at $51, the Jolie Satin Pants at $74 and the Charlie Racerback Tank at $46.

PJ Harlow's Mike Satin Boxer Short & Jolie Satin Pant

Swing by to check out the new collection, which just arrived in pink and teal. Their loungewear pieces will be arriving in black in early November.

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