Thursday, October 15, 2009

Following Flint

We know how much you love Flint. How could you not? Irena Kudlicki's jewelry is head-turning to say the least. Her lovely offerings span a wide range of lengths, styles and materials, and she always has new and exciting pieces for us. We feel honored to carry Flint jewelry at A La Folie, and we're delighted that Irena has grown so popular, both with our customers and with celebrities alike!

If you consider yourself a Flint fangirl (or fanboy), there is no better blog to add to your RSS than Irena's Flint Jewelry Blog! It's the best way to keep yourself updated on what Irena's been up to, and will give you a rare glimpse into the mind of one very prolific and very talented jewelry designer!

PS: New pieces arrived today, featuring vintage brooches, crystals, pearls and delicately knotted cords. You're in for a treat!

A little sneak peek of Flint's new offerings!

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