Monday, October 26, 2009

Spanx You Very Much

I am a curvy girl. If there is one certainty in my life, it is the fact that I have hips. And given the comments I get on the street from frighteningly astute drifters, I assume that just about everyone I encounter knows it too. I not only have hips, but I have a derriere. And not a small derriere either. My bottom is so prominent that I have trouble fitting into jeans fabricated for "normal" women, and have a few tried and true brands I've pledged my undying devotion to. Jeans can be difficult, but dresses can be even worse. Nothing drives a dagger through my heart more than putting on a sheath dress only to discover that my thunder thighs are the main attraction.

I'm lucky. I actually like my shape, but sometimes it needs help. I'm fallible. I don't go to the gym enough and I like wine and chocolate more than is normal or reasonable. Hence, I'm curvy, but I'm not firm. I "move" when I walk. I will embarrass myself no further by describing the scope of this "movement", but suffice it to say my body can not be trusted to make some things look good.

That's where Spanx comes in. Laugh at the name if you will, but Spanx has become the holy grail of smoothness that every woman has been searching for. Go ahead and grab that extra doughnut... Spanx products are the workout you wanted to do this morning, and they do a great job of masking any imperfections! And don't think Spanx are only for girls with a little more around the middle, the back or the rack... even itsy bitsy Hollywood starlets swear by them!

Katie Holmes

Eva Longoria

See? Even LA's most poised and perfect wear Spanx, and with the holidays approaching, there's no better time to join the ranks of devoted Spanx fans! We have a variety of offerings from Midthigh Bodysuits ($72 in beige and black) to Midthigh Shape Suits ($98 in beige and black) and gently shaping Criss Cross Camis ($45 in beige and black).

Spanx' Criss Cross Cami and Mid-Thigh Shape Suit

Even more exciting, we received Spanx' Convertible Leggings, which are gently bodyshaping and fully opaque, the icing on the cake for your fall wardrobe. The Leggings are $28 and come in black, violet, charcoal and bittersweet.

Spanx' Convertible Leggings

Shaping, comfort, AND fashion-forward style? Spanx you very much!

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