Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Prima Donna's Got You Covered

You’d never believe how many E+ cup women walk into A La Folie, demanding low cut bras. Not just plunges, but traditional half-cup balconnets, bras that do next to no work from the top (hence, a “balcony”). Sometimes they scoff when we tell them that most high-end lingerie designers don’t make itsy-bitsy balconnet bras past a D cup, but there’s truly a good reason for it. A more voluptuous figure demands a more voluptuous bra: one that will support you in every undertaking and make you look and feel great. If it sounds like I’m describing a best friend, that’s because that’s what a truly fantastic bra should be.

Less isn’t always more.

I know what you’re thinking – this girl can’t possibly be writing about lacy underthings. Isn’t the whole concept of lingerie based on a “less is more” attitude?
Au contraire, mon amie! I spent my college years squeezing my chest into Victoria’s Secret bras that didn’t fit me, all because I was convinced (as many women are) that the more skin I showed, the sexier I was, adequate support be damned! I moved as slowly and stealthily as possible everywhere I went, so as not to “dislodge” anything. Quelle horreur! When I moved out to the West Coast, A La Folie’s owner, Nafissa changed my whole perspective. After all, what could be more alluring than a woman who wears a bra that fits so well that she stands up straighter, and completes her glamorous everyday tasks without having to constantly adjust herself? That woman exudes confidence and grace. Ask any man you know and they will surely confirm: those qualities are what makes a woman sexy.

Prima Donna's Odeon full cup

When I discovered Prima Donna bras, I simply couldn't stop checking myself out in the mirror. I was supported, comfortable and, dare I say it, sexy! The amazing thing about Prima Donna bras is that they not only make full cup bras that span a variety of colors, styles and shapes, but they also craft the most sturdy and supportive plunges I’ve ever encountered. Even better, those of us that like to wear lower cut clothing can still get all the amazing support of Prima Donna’s full cup bras with a notable difference: a lower bridge, and hence, a daring plunge without the risk of any… ahem… surprises!

A parade of full cup bras:
Prima Donna's
Odeon (nude), Deauville (black) and Satin Boudoir (lace print)

It’s funny – young women seem to associate a full-cup bra with being frumpy. I could not disagree more. Here I am, in my mid-20’s, and wear full-cup bras almost every day. I’d like to think I’m relatively youthful and fashionable. When I wear my Prima Donna Kyoto, Goa or Samui, I get more attention than I could possibly want, and I feel privileged to pass along everything I know to A La Folie’s beautiful customers. One of our recent Prima Donna converts told me this: “My mother always said that the more you cover, the more you leave to the imagination.” That’s certainly true, but Prima Donna’s bras allow us to meet halfway – all the coverage and support a big bust requires, with all the provocativeness and mystery of fine French lace.

What are you waiting for? Come by A La Folie and try one today!

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