Friday, July 17, 2009

Anita Hit the Gym!

Do you have that pit-in-your-stomach feeling that your jeans just aren't fitting quite the same anymore? You see a muffin top that wasn't there mere months ago, try to deny its existence, then mope every time you catch your reflection in the mirror. You think: Maybe I shouldn't have indulged in that scrumptious creme brulee, or that honey toast, or that second martini... or that Chinese dinner for two... (Hey, I was hungry!)

You pull on your favorite Sevens only to find out they don't pass your derriere anymore, and you wonder: What happened to me? Didn't I used to love the gym?

Ahh, the gym. You heart it, you hate it. Never has anything so healthy been such a struggle. Let's be honest: we all need incentive to hit the elliptical and the free weights (besides the obvious). For me, the hardest part is simply getting my workout clothes on. It's easy peasy from there... which is why we're so ecstatic about our highly-anticipated addition to the A La Folie collection.

The Anita Sports Bra in black with grey trim

Meet Anita's Sports Bra, an un-wired wonder for those of us with a little more up top. Whether you're guilty of wearing your favorite frilly underthings to the gym, or have simply been wearing lung-smashing armor for the past few years, the Anita Sports Bra will be a breath of fresh air!

I know what you're thinking: No wire? No way.

Yes way. And for big cup sizes too. We're not just talking D's and E's. We're talking 32C - 40G, with as much support and coverage as you'd expect from a wired bra. It's true -- German engineering isn't just for cars anymore. No binding, no chafing, no bouncing (really!). The thing I like most about the Anita is that it looks and feels like a regular bra -- no uniboob to speak of. The design is sleek, sporty and feminine, and we're excited to offer it in white and black with grey trim. Even better, the Anita Sports Bra is one sweet deal: $75 for all the support you'll ever need.

The Anita Sports Bra comes in white and black with grey trim.

Come get yours today, and get back on track at the gym in style!

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