Friday, June 19, 2009

Wedding Daze

June is well underway, and it's officially open season. Those months and weeks before the wedding are thundering by in tornado of tulle and letterpressed card stock, pelting Jordan Almonds at everyone in it's path. It's a busy time not only for brides, but for mothers, sisters, friends, Sigma Nu class of '92, and Betty White, who reminds us all how we'd much rather be home watching Golden Girls re-runs in this summer's The Proposal. With all the preparations and pre-wedding events clamoring for your attention...

...Do you ever get the feeling that you've forgotten something?

No, that wasn't it, I still feel like something's missing...

You know how sometimes you find what you were looking for, only to realize you now can't find any of the things you already had?

I do come up with some of my best ideas in the shower.

Shower! That's it! These bustier sets by Marie-Jo make excellent bridal shower gifts...

Like the lovely, figure-flattering Diane collection we just received at A La Folie, for the busy bride who might not be able to remember every single little, bitty, eensy detail... the fact that her wedding was last Saturday.

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