Thursday, July 23, 2009

Girls love bells and whistles!

After working at A La Folie for the past three years and encountering some of Europe's most beautiful lingerie innovations, I thought nothing could surprise me anymore. Sure, we get gorgeous new collections almost every week, but as far as innovation, there's only so much you can do with lingerie that hasn't already been achieved or surpassed. From the paste-on bra to the bustier to the strapless to the convertible halter, lingerie seems to be at its absolute technical peak right now. But sometimes I'm still pleasantly surprised, as I was when I glimpsed Anita's newest offering... and it's for a very special part of the population!

Anita's new underthings will satisfy one of the top ten requests we regularly get, for something that's pretty staid in terms of lingerie: the maternity bra. Even though the Bay Area is teeming with childless 20- and 30-somethings, the contingent of those who have and want kids is remarkable, especially on 4th Street.

In general, what you see is what you get with a maternity bra. It's hard to find ones that are remotely attractive, as they exist to serve a very basic, yet important purpose. Although I've never had kids myself, I imagine pregnant women approach buying nursing bras the same way they would approach buying tampons: with a begrudging sense of necessity, not with a sense of fun and femininity.

But Anita is changing all that! Their underwire nursing bras are downright supportive, pretty, and have some of the most useful and innovative little features! Believe us, shopping for a maternity bra can be fun, as fun as finding that Victorian-styled jacket with the secret pockets, or the jeans with recycled silver hardware. Don't you love how it feels to covet something truly fun? Let's face it: girls love bells and whistles, and Anita's maternity bras do not disappoint.

Anita's Lace Maternity Bra (Style #5041) in white

Anita's lace maternity bra is truly beautiful. (Yes, we did say lace!) The cups are soft and stretch enough to accommodate your changing shape, but are still strong enough to offer the day-t0-day support you'll need as a nursing mother. The bra features Anita's patented KwikKlip system, making for effortless nursing at any time. My favorite feature is the Anita Memo, a pretty pink slider between the cups that allows you to mark the breast last fed from. You have enough on your mind -- let your bra do the thinking for you!

Anita's Basic Smooth Cup Maternity Bra (Style #5068) in nude

For those of us who are all about utility and don't want or need the extras, we're also offering Anita's smooth cup maternity bra in nude. The design is simple and functional, again using Anita's KwikKlip system to make nursing easier and faster than ever.

Anita's nursing bras all feature thick and supportive straps with fully encased underwires for added comfort. And the price? To die for. Only $59 to $79 for your second newest love... first being your little one, of course! So if you're expecting, we wish you congratulations, and hope you'll give yourself the gift of support by visiting A La Folie soon!

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  1. I got to have to agree with you on this, I am a girl I really love bells and whistles! By the way, a good post, i really enjoyed reading it as much as I am enjoying the fit of two Nursing sleep bras I have just purchased.