Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scandalous fleur'tations...

When I arrived at A La Folie today, I noticed something a bit... enticing... about our mannequin...

There's something very special about our mannequin...

What could it be?

Her lovely shape? No. She does look beautiful in just about everything, but her shape wasn't it.

Her strategically placed necklace? No. Sure she's being sassy, but that wasn't quite it either.

Hmm... what could it be?

I shot a quizzical look at our beloved Mlle. Piplette, who had been diligently working upstairs... "Mlle. Piplette," I said, "That mannequin is fleur'ting with me!"

Indeed! That was it! That soft texture, that easy carelessness, that effortless structure! Our mannequin WAS fleur'ting with me! And why not? fleur't knows the way to a woman's heart. After all, what could be more enticing than a bouquet of panties, tangas and bralettes, fashioned in the softest rayon jersey, trimmed in feminine lace? And in bright colors too? Gorgeous! Plus fleur't's prices are to die for, with tangas at $25, boyshorts at $35 and bralettes at $36.

fleur't's boyshort in blue coral

Come down to A La Folie to check out our fleur'tatious mannequin. Who knows? You may just be inspired to fleur't back!

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