Sunday, May 31, 2009

Strawberry Charlotte

We are officially obsessed with Charlotte Gainsbourg.

If you haven't yet seen the Bob Dylan biopic "I'm Not There," please rent it... just to warn you it's a bit dark, but the push-pull energy and heated chemistry between Heath Ledger and Charlotte Gainsbourg, who plays his lover and ultimately, his wife, is riveting and completely intoxicating. Charlotte is a study in contrasts... gawky and lanky, but dynamic, gracefully gamine and sophisticated. She's... well, compliacted. Fascinating!

The best way to wear lacy stockings! Forget the frills. With an unassuming corduroy skirt and plain tank, some sleek leather boots... it becomes an unexpected element of contrast.

Charlotte knows how to wear a tutu...

...And a denim bralette! Btw, this is one of the best bikini top styles for those of you who join me in the IBTC*...

*itty bitty titty committee, you know who you are...

I love this... a plain, open V-neckline and a circle of heavy beads. We have a beautiful grey striped flint and sterling sliver version by local desinger Flint at A La Folie in the jewelry case. Lovely with tossed, natural hair, dark brows and... what's that? Oh. A Chanel bag.

For more Parisian gamine inspiration, rent La Petite Voleuse! A screenplay by Truffaut, a young Charlotte Gainsbourg... I recommend an accompanying case of Sofia Minis (the champagne with a straw)... and time to play in your closet afterward.

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