Friday, February 6, 2009

Monji Monji Monji...

Monji means "massage" in Japanese, and I always enjoy saying the word because it sounds exactly like what it is! I think a massage is one of the kindest gifts you can give someone, whether treating your best friend to a camellia oil hand rub or walking on your dad's back after he pulled a muscle trying to prove he could still pitch horseshoes like a 25 year old. But as we also know, when you invite your sweetie to let your hands soothe the stress away, a massage can be a very tender and intimate experience.

Here at A La Folie, us girls agree that a sweet, sensual massage is something we can all enjoy... and we've done the product testing to prove it! The JimmyJane Ember massage oil candle is staff favorite and, as we've discovered, a favorite of it's lucky test subjects as well. Housed in a clean and modern white porcelain vessel, the wick is lit and allowed to heat. In a few moments, the natural, cosmetic-grade wax melts into a lovely warm oil, scented with fresh, urgent and almost edible flavors that are unlike the cloying sweetness of many perfumes... and act as natural aphrodisiacs! Just a tiny pour onto the skin will last an hour, and the natural essential oils in the liquid help to penetrate the skin and allow your hands to glide attentively over the muscles. Trust us... it's really nice.

Try it for yourself! From now until Valentine's Day, mention this post and receive 20% off of all JimmyJane Massage Candles. Mmmmmm...

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