Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gros Bijoux!

Sometimes, despite your best attempts to adhere to the vows of constant pep you took when you became Head Cheerleader, you unwittingly find yourself in a pit of despair. Who's gonna tell you to put down the ladleful of cookie dough and come have a good cry? Your girlfriends, that's who. I can't think of a better time of year than the second week of February to invite the lovely lasses in your life over for a little soiree... just to say thanks for helping to turn the bitter into sweet since last Valentine's day.

When I was 10, one of my girlfriends had such a party... and instructed us all to bring a wrapped Valentine's gift, which we exchanged with one another. I shook all the presents and picked the one that made the most noise. It was a pencil box filled with Hershey Kisses. Just my style, cute AND edible! Now that we are, ahem, a bit more grown-up, it would be fun to resurrect this girl gathering with a slightly more sophisticated treat:

  1. Set a price limit and have everyone bring bijoux - a necklace, earrings or even a ring. It would be great to pick something from a local artist, or scour the flea market for a vintage find.
  2. Get the girls together in the kitchen, crack open a bottle or two (or ten, if you're my friends) and cook up a meal together. I'm thinking angel hair pasta with pesto and walnuts, lots of cookies, and fennel with blood orange salad... pick dishes that are seasonal and able to be scooped (with hands, if necessary) from a giant bowl.
  3. After the feast, exchange the jewelry with one another and regale your guests with anecdotes from your "wild years..." By the end of the party, you'll all know MUCH more about each other than you did when you came in, and you'll have a wonderful new bauble to remember it by.

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