Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Great Cinnamon Caper

I was enjoying a chocolate frozen yogurt doused with extra M&Ms with my friend Jeremiah the other day, when he mentioned he saw a documentary on good ol' PBS about the science of the human brain. My eyelids started drooping immediately, until he began telling me about how he learned that the sense of smell stimulated men and women differently.

"Oh really... by all means, continue!" I said, now at rapt attention and crunching on frozen chocolate. He said that a psychologist had given some advice to a lovelorn patient who was having problems rekindling the intimacy in his marriage. An unusual prescription, it included rubbing baby powder on his skin.

"Apparently, it's a powerful aphrodisiac to women," said Jeremiah.

"I see," I said, chomping thoughtfully. "And... did he happen to mention anything about the reverse?"

"Actually, yes!" said Jeremiah. "For men, it's cinnamon." Fact noted. As soon as I got home, I tore open my jar of ground cinnamon and rubbed it all over my wrists, putting a little bit on my neck and hair for good measure. It's a bit trickywith the application technique, because the cinnamon turns your skin brown if you put too much on. You have to use a gentle touch and layer to get the right amount.

When I went to the city to pick up my boyfriend, I gave him a big hug. I went to pull away so I could put my purse down, but he squeezed me tighter and wouldn't let go. His nose was buried in my neck.

"Oh my God, you smell so good... like... apple pie! What is that? Did you make pie?" He held my hands up to his nose and inhaled deeply. Success! Oh, the scientific community would surely give me some sort of award for excellent work in the field.

"Um... well, it's cinammon. I, uh, spilled some... on... myself," I finished lamely. Now what? I didn't want to tell him about my devious experiment, but I hadn't exactly planned on such... exuberant results. It turns out I didn't have to say more, because my mouth was being covered with some very spicy kisses. My scientific conclusion: CINNAMON IS NATURE'S VALENTINE! Please use it responsibly.

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