Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Parade of Swimwear, No Matter What Your Shape!

Mes belles, Mother nature is still taunting us! Just when we think the rain is about over and the sun has begun to peek out from behind the clouds, the dreariness returns to barrage us for a few days. For now, our feet must remain in galoshes while the sweet summer sandals collect dust in the closet. And we don't like it one bit!

But we've come up with a solution. Let's all head to St. Tropez!

"I don't have a swimsuit! It's not swim season!" you say. Au contraire, mes belles! We just got our third (yes, third!) shipment of swimwear this season, this time from our newest beach-beautiful brand, Rasurel!

Rasurel has so many things going for it. Not only is it the brain child of the lingerie masters behind customer favorite Lejaby, but it's also a line focused on lift, support and sexiness in cup sizes many swimsuit brands won't touch. Rasurel boasts all the elements of truly high-end beach wear, from comfortable and durable fabrics, to sweet details, like empire-waist ties on the Daphne Tank and covered rhinestone-embellished straps on the Impec Maillot. Curvaceous girls, your search ends here. With cup sizes up to a G, Rasurel is sure to be your new favorite brand!

Rasurel's Daphne Tank Maillot, $239

Rasurel's Impec Tank Maillot (shown in green, stocked in black), $199

Anita has also delivered in the fuller-cup swim department. Their Circle-Cut Cloe suit may boast a simple shape, but its pattern is what really attracts attention, while the Organic Dana suit emphasizes a shapely waist with an ultra-flattering ruched cut. The Ethno Flower Jamina suit emphasizes a shapely bust and directs attention away from the hips with a fun and flirtatious print. All our Anita suits come in a wide range of cup sizes: C to E, and in some cases up to F, so like Rasurel, the brand is a great go-to for those with a little more up top.

Anita's Circle-Cut Cloe swimsuit, $90

Anita's Organic Dana Swimsuit, $113

Anita's Ethno Flower Jamina Swimsuit, $149

If support is not your issue, we're sure you'll love Huit's Kate tank swimsuit. The Kate is a simple, classic silhouette. A one-piece with distinctive styling: a prominent two hoop embellishment on the asymmetrical shoulder. We currently have it in black, and are expecting many more pieces from Huit in the coming months!

Huit's Kate Asymmetrical One-Piece, $149

Even if you don't make it to St. Tropez this year, there are always opportunities for fun swimsuits to make their appearance! Snag yours (and your suit) today!

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