Thursday, April 21, 2011

Learning Lingerie: Taking the Plunge

Now that we know all about Balconnets, Demi Cups and Full Cup bras, it's time to talk the ultimate in low cut: the plunge bra!

Andres Sarda's Klein Non-Wire Plunge

The plunge bra does just what its name suggests by eliminating much of the center gore, making it perfect for use under low-cut clothing. What's really great about the plunge bra, though, is that it takes countless forms and works on a variety of body types.

For example, The Little Bra Company makes padded demi plunges which feature an open neckline and substantial boosting properties for girls on the smaller end of the spectrum. Other companies like Andres Sarda, even make styles like the Klein (shown above) in a non-wire plunge cut, perfect for girls in a B or C cup who don't want or need the lift of a padded/wired bra, but crave comfort coupled with a deep cut.

Prima Donna's Amazone Plunge

As a balconnet is not always a demi cup, the term "plunge" doesn't necessarily imply less overall coverage. For the girls who need a little more support, Prima Donna's plunge bra is actually technically a full cup. The Amazone (shown above, soon to arrive in store in Pandora Blue) is the perfect plunge for E to G cups -- it doesn't sacrifice support or coverage for the sake of the deep V style. In fact, they have all the lift and shaping of the balconnet and traditional full cup styles. That's why Prima Donna plunges have always been a customer favorite!

More extreme versions of the plunge cut feature a longline silhouette where the band (and thus, the plunging gore portion) extends vertically well past the usual measurements.

It's also important to note that while we may not carry each collection's version of a plunge in store, we can always order it for you! Almost every designer and collection has some iteration of a plunge bra, and we'd be happy to help you find the perfect one for you!

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