Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Pop of Papaya!

Did you hear that San Francisco actually got snow last week? Yes, amis, it's true! The city saw its first flurries since the 70's! With that news, we couldn't help but sink lower into our coziest pajamas. The weather has everyone feeling a little blue, but that doesn't mean tropical vacations can't be had right here on the home front.

Selmark Noelia Molded Cup & Thong (Papaya), $97 & $42

Here's what I'm proposing: crank up the thermostat, break out the blender and pina colada mix, and pop your favorite 60's beach movie in your DVD player. Why not pick up Selmark's new Noelia collection while you're at it? It's the perfect distraction from the grey days, and the ideal vacation we've all been yearning for!

Selmark Noelia Brief (Papaya), $57

The Noelia collection is basic by design, fancy by embellishment! It features Selmark's coveted molded cup bra, whose embroidery is low relief so you can wear it easily under thinner tops. The collection also boasts a sweetly embroidered brief and thong. The rich papaya color looks great on everyone, so don't be shy about letting a bra strap peek out from underneath a black tank.

Come check out this anticipated new arrival before it's all gone! And if you do decide to wear it around your toasty house, tropical drink in hand, you might want to throw on some cozy wool socks for good measure. Don't worry. We won't tell anyone!

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