Monday, September 14, 2009

Bodysuit Blues

I was recently watching old episodes of Seinfeld from the mid-90's and noticed just how rampant the bodysuit trend was at that time. The hottest of Jerry's bevvy of girlfriends each wore some sort of impossibly-slim-fitting-without-riding-up top, showing off her sensual shape, while undoubtedly enhancing it at the same time.

"Oh by the way: they're real and they're spectacular!"

At that time I was 12 and bodysuits were all the rage: especially scoop-necked long-sleeved bodysuits, paired with jean shorts and pristine white Keds. But hot outfit of the moment or not, my mother was having none of it. "Too sexy for your age" she said, thereby quashing my dreams of coolness. I stared longingly at the Victoria's Secret clothing catalog at those gorgeous, chesty, be-bodysuited models with their long legs. I wanted to be just like them, forget the fact that I didn't have anything remotely close to breasts at that point. To me, Victoria's Secret catalogs contained pretty stuff -- I had no concept of sexual implication. I just wanted to be pretty and cool! Was that so much to ask? (Mom?!?)

When I saw my perky next door neighbor Danni wearing my dream outfit one day, I was overtaken by a jealous rage. Keds! Jean shorts! BODYSUIT! WTF? She was younger than me! And her mom was letting her wear that outfit?!? "Life is so unfair!" I wailed to myself in my diary.

And then an amazing thing happened. A few months went by, and the trend waned, stuttered to a groaning halt, and in what seems like a moment's time now, I stopped caring. Danni's style was at once cute but passe, and she and I were suddenly friends again, free to sell lemonade to our neighbors on her front lawn, just like old times.

Simone Perele's Nina bodysuit in purple.
Don't be hatin', Danni!

It may not be the mid-90's anymore, but bodysuits ARE back. Never fear, though, mes belles: there are no long sleeves to be had, at least in the world of fine lingerie. Simone Perele's new Nina bodysuit is a flawless foundation garment -- it slims, shapes and is built around a very supportive, yet very lacy bra. For you thong-wearers, the bikini-cut leg holes are cut low, from double-thick fabric, so forget those dreaded panty lines. And, just like the bodysuits of the mid-90's, this bodysuit has a hook-and-eye crotch so there's no need to take off the whole shebang when you need to use the ladies' room! As the weather cools down, the Nina bodysuit can also act as an extra layer of protection from the chill. For a foundation garment, the Nina bodysuit already has a loyal following, and our customers are snatching them up in pairs. And why not? We have them in both a warm ivory and a beautiful dusty purple, and anticipate more colors and styles from Simone Perele in the coming months.

The next time I go home to Pennsylvania, I'll be sure to wear a knotted tee and my new Nina bodysuit, maybe pair the set with jean shorts and Keds for old time's sake, and hunt down Danni. It will be fun to make HER green with envy for a change!

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