Friday, January 23, 2009

Welcome to our Valentine Countdown!

Bonjour et bienvenue to the A La Folie Blog! For those of you who have visited A La Folie in person, you know we fondly believe that the boudoir is like a nest. I like to think of our blog as a virtual nest... a chocolate nest with little built-in faucets where the H stands for Hot Cocoa and the C stands for Champagne. And little magical birds flying overhead that do your chores for you.... mmmmmm... What? Oh, sorry... I must have been day dreaming again. As I was saying, if you have the desire to dish about life, love, lingerie, or possibly all three at the same time, this is the place to be! We hope you come visit us often, even if you just want to bring over a load of fine washables for the birds to take care of.

As you may have guessed, all of us at A La Folie have very strong attachments to the year's most important holiday. That's right, Valentine's Day. Sure, we're passionate about lingerie and pretty things, and things that smell heavenly, and candy, and pretty things, but only because we are so in love with... well, love! And Valentine's Day isn't just for young lovers necking in the woods (althought hats off to you, that sounds like a good time); it's the perfect day to do a little something for someone you care about, just to remind them how much they mean to you.

But what to do? Flirty, naughty, sassy or sweet, the best valentines will keep your heart warm for years to come. You don't need to spend a fortune or make a grandiose gesture to share an intimate moment with your sweetie this Valentine's Day... in the true spirit of the holiday we love best, A La Folie has cooked up 14 playful recipes for treating your special someone to a memorable Valentine, whatever mood you're in. Beginning February 1st, follow our daily posts and countdown to February 14th with a new recipe and a special daily deal just for readers. If you like, you can even click below to subscribe to our blog through a feed reader, or click over to the right to become a follower. See you soon!


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